Carolyn Halstead

One of the noteworthy candidates for State Representative in New Hampshire is the District H23 incumbent, Carolyn Halstead.

Carolyn has many fine qualities, like an endorsement from the prestigious NRA and a passion for education. And she can multitask! Last year, upon entering the State House for a hearing focused on kindergarten education - an event swarming with kindergarten-aged children --Carolyn Halstead was so excited about helping the little tykes that she mic-dropped her loaded handgun on the floor .


Luckily , no one was hurt. Carolyn made sure to offer up a sincere apology for startling the crowd with her lethal weapon.

I apologize. I don’t normally carry a backpack. Lesson learned! ” Carolyn said.

The subject of thehearing was a bill to increase state aid to school districts that extended their kindergarten programs from half-days to full days. You might think that Carolyn, mother of six and member of the House Education Committee, would be enthusiastic about the individual and societal benefits of education . But this bill would have required a state budget increase of approximately $14.5 million, and, upon learning the price tag, ever-frugal Carolyn stated: “I am not one of those who believes the earlier you put a child in learning programs the better.”

Although you might assume a lawmaker’s job involves voting on laws, Carolyn Halstead has a habit of not voting when the issues are a bit, well, controversial.

Carolyn didn’t vote on the repeal of the death penalty ( 4/26/18) …

Carolyn didn’t vote on authorizing the recreational use of marijuana ( 2/11/16) ...

Carolyn didn’t vote on whether to keep Common Core education standards ( 4/15/15) .

Those also happen to be what some of her constituents might call the "important" issues, but perhaps Carolyn is just indulging her inner magician: now you see me, now you don't!

Besides, her constituents voted for her. Isn't that enough voting for one year?

Carolyn did make a point of voting sometimes, though. For example, last year, she made sure to vote against SB 9 , a bill that would prohibit the use of a victim's past sexual activity as evidence in sexual-assault cases.That's completely understandable because, as we all know, what a woman does consensually with one man should definitely have an impact on whether we convict another man who assaults her.

With votes like that, maybe it’s better when Carolyn doesn’t vote after all.

Another vote Carolyn missed was on the proposed repeal of the license requirement for carrying concealed weapons ( 5/11/16 & 4/29/15) . But that makes sense because Carolyn’s gun is never concealed for long!

With a record like this, some people might say Carolyn Halstead is indecisive, fainthearted, even wishy-washy. But we'd point out that at the end of the day Carolyn Halstead really sticks to her guns!

Except when she drops them!